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Has pain taken over your life?

Whether it's new, chronic or recurring, physical, mental, or emotional.
Pain can stop you in your tracks. The good news is, there is a reason the body experiences pain. Life is trying to tell you something. You just need to get the message.

Are you ready to Decode Your Pain?
By combining his study of tradional practices, cutting edge science and his own personal evolution, Dr. Kevin has helped thousands of  patients with his unique systen for long lasting pain relief.
If you’ve gone through rough times or you feel like you’re stuck at a low point in some part of your life, don’t worry. It happens to everyone and it’s supposed to. Hitting rock
bottom feels awful at the time but it’s a necessary part of life. If you’re there right now, I know how painful it can be.

It’s not always easy. We are so used to avoiding pain at all costs. We use distraction, numb ourselves with social media, food, drugs, and alcohol and ignore whole areas of
our lives just to feel like we can cope. But just because you don’t look at them, the things you don’t like don’t go away. Problems have a tendency to get bigger and bigger until you take care of them. And sometimes, as was the case with me quite literally, they have to blow up in your face before you take the necessary action to change your life.
From the Introduction
2007, for all intents and purposes, should have been a high point of my life. I had recently graduated as a doctor of chiropractic and my life as a real person in the real world had just begun. I was sitting in a chiropractic seminar, listening to one of our industry leaders, Dr. James Chestnut, ask questions about health, beliefs and philosophies on life. My personal answers left me thoroughly disgusted with myself.
I was 27 years old, 70 pounds overweight, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was prediabetic, impotent and had signs of mouth cancer. How could I be a professional
health practitioner, preaching the virtues of healthy living when my health was such a train wreck?

Only five years earlier at age 22 I had been at the peak of my health and now I was definitely in a deep, dark valley..."
Dr. Kevin Gyurina
My heart lead me to follow opportunities where many would look elsewhere.

The challenges and difficulties I found myself in became the silver lining and the path to greater levels of physical health, fulfillment, peace and happiness. Gaining in-depth knowledge and ability lead me to heal myself and now the passion to share my amazing experiences and insights with others is my calling.

And as it is said… “Physician, Heal Thy Self”

I  had become aware that I have the absolute talent to help others, yet I was ill and had to restore my body, heart and mind first.

My personal journey has taken me to various points around the world, and because of these experiences I have developed a unique perspective, as well as a mastery of multiple chiropractic and energy healing modalities, which have led me to create my own unique style.

Praise for Decode Your Pain
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
I’d recommend this book to anyone who has suffered with chronic pain wth little relief from treatment.
Review By M. Frampton
This book is such an incredible resource for anyone suffering with pain of any kind. I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia years ago, and having read this book I feel as if I’m able to manage my symptoms and pain better and I have a much better understanding as to the potential “why” behind the pain and discomfort.  I’d recommend this book to anyone who has suffered with chronic pain wth little relief from treatment.
Must read
Dr. Kevin is an amazing healer, his book is a must read!
A personal growth story.
I just got your book. Nice job. Very well written and inspiring. Keep feeding the good.
What's inside Decode Your Pain•
Sample Pages •
  • Chapter 1: Symptoms Are The Story
  • Chapter 2: Life Is Symbolic 
  • Chapter 3: Intention and Right Use-ness
  • ​Chapter 4: You are Energy
  • Chapter 5: Life Is a Mandelbrot
  • ​Chapter 6: Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy and Become Your Biggest Ally 
  • Chapter 7: The Amazing Power of Changing Your Beliefs About How You Heal 
  • Chapter 8: Change Your Story, Change Your Life
  • Chapter 9: Life Is Perfect
  • Conclusion: Life after the book
  • Appendix: Body Parts, Associated Emotions, and Possible Symbolism
Sample Pages •
Excerpt From Chapter 7
Excerpt From Chapter 8
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